Home-cooked Japanese Dinner

In the last post you saw me picking up some last minute items at the supermarket. Well… that was under orders of Chef Clara here! Clara single handedly organized and cooked a full Japanese Dinner with Sushi playing hostess (pun not intended). Koji and I helped out as the kitchen helpers… chopping and washing while Master Chef puts everything together.

Sushi was a wonderful hostess, constantly entertaining and she even brought out her best dishes for us to use! The bowl above holding that appetizing tofu is an antique from the Ming Dynasty!!! Kinda scary actually… I was afraid someone would accidentally break it!

One of our guests, Marta had just landed in Singapore from Itay that very day! This was gonna be her first Singapore meal. Lol… not authentically Singaporean dishes but who can refute that Singaporeans have Japanese food relatively frequent!

Gio showcased his Italian wine to us and it was good! Too bad I was driving that night so I skipped it.

My favorite part of a meal – desserts! Clara outdid her self with the whole dinner! Every bit was as yummy as the pictures shows! Daryl, his cousin, his aunt and his mum joined us at the end of dinner. There was a short dance display and some pointers handed down to us from the pros! All in good fun!

After dinner was partying at Rebel! There was too much going on and I forgot to take outfit pictures but there is video!


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