Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss

Hello Kitty. The cat that has no mouth. You either love her or hate her. I love her. I think she’s kawaii and absolutely adorable! In fact, if you have been following my instagram (@renzze) lately, you probably saw quite a number of Hello Kitty plushes update when I was in Hong Kong.

I guess you can imagine my excitement when I was given Hello Kitty Diamond gloss to try out! The press kit even came with the cutest Hello Kitty notepad!

They come in so many colors with really fun fruity names such as Strawberry Fields, Pink Paradise, Blueberry Nights,Orange Mecanique,Lemon Incest, Pink Paradise, Big Apple and Eau de Coco.

Although they come in so many colors, most appear to be rather translucent gloss and add sparkle to your lips. If you would like to use it on its own, I’ll recommend Strawberry Fields for its slightly pinkish reddish tint. The rest of the colors are pretty much colorless so it’s great for layering it on top of lipsticks.

The Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss was at the stores around the same time as the McDonalds Hello Kitty plush toy sales so I couldn’t resist pairing them together! What a cute gift for Hello Kitty fanatics!

Available at Watsons ( my favorite beauty retailer!), the Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss retails at S$12.90. Get them now!





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