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I had my nails done before I went to New Zealand and it was a gorgeous set of mix leopard prints in gelish with bling ribbon toppers. (If you were on my twitter or instagram @renzze , you probably would have seen these set of nails already! It’s so pretty and I had compliments everywhere I went on my trip. This set of nails was done at House of J Nails in Woodlands. So if you are living in the northern part of Singapore, you know where you can get your nails done!

Although it’s located in the heartlands and only a tiny shop it doesn’t matter because when it comes to nails, we all know that it really boils down to skill verses cost and House of J Nails brings both to the table. The owner, Jenny, had a stack of Japanese nail magazines and even kindly lent me a book home to refer and decide what design I would like to do. There were so many choices that I was having such a difficult time deciding.

In the end, I was inspired by one of the sample boards that Jenny did and opted for leopard print nails in done in gelish. Jenny likes to shake things up a little and suggested I do alternating colored leopard prints, one with black/white spots and another with hot pink/black spots. Totally brillant and makes the whole set of nails a lot more interesting.

As Jenny was busy that day (she’s an awesome singer and was rehearsing new songs for her stage performances) so she had Kelly, her assistant to do my nails for me. Kelly was really chirpy and friendly and which made the time spent there even shorter than usual. Since I had opted for alternating colored leopard print nails in gelish, it meant that Kelly had to put on the different colors one a time and cure it with UV light. Despite this, Kelly remained focus and told me that she loved customers that could give her difficult requests so she can challenge herself even more. Apparently, my nails were too easy for them.

The results was spectacular and best of all it lasted the whole of my New Zealand trip!

These are my nails taken at Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand about 3 weeks after they were done. Still impressively intact! I did hand gliding, white water rafting, hiking and other crazy adventures with these nails and the colors stayed strong and vibrant. The 3D ribbon never came out and they were impressive to anyone that came across it! In fact, my nails lasted a whopping 5 weeks. It could probably have lasted even longer as the colors never chipped or came off. I had chosen to remove them as my nails have grown out. This really is testament to the skills.

Thank you Kelly for the wonderful work you did on my nails and a shout out to Jenny who helped me to decide on my design. It really goes to prove that you being able to produce good long lasting nails is a talent that lies in the nail artist and not so much in the location, the setting or the extra services. If you want to have a full spa experience, this is probably not where you should go but if you want beautiful nails that can stand the test of time and experiment with a wacky hand drawn designs, you can head down to House of J Nails.

Express manicure for S$8 and the gelish manicure starts from S$34. Jenny keeps it affordable with a small shop and simple furnishings. Frills free but packed with skills. Her regulars come with artistic challenges for her and Jenny’s own nails are incredibly long with detailed designs as well. You got to see them for yourself. Current promotion includes a Gelish Manicure + Classic Pedicure for a low S$52 only. Sometimes, heartlands is where you find the best deals!

House of J Nails

Blk 306 Woodlands Street 31 #01-47 Singapore 730306

Tel: +65 9806 7232




  1. melva
    January 25, 2013 / 11:24 pm

    hey did u do surgery to your nose. it looks much sharper suddenly in the white top? its cool, adds dimension to your face.if you enlarge ur eyes you will look fab!

    • January 26, 2013 / 5:44 am

      Hi Melva,

      I did a small nose filler that you can read about in my latest post. But this photo was taken before I had any nose fillers done. LOL!
      Maybe it’s the angle and the light when the photo was taken. Another possibility is that I tried on a sample of radiant primer and bronzer to review on that day as well. Normally I don’t put foundation. Anyways, now that I did fillers, hopefully I will always get “lucky” photos like this one 🙂 I don’t think I’ll dare do anything permanent like eyes enlarging though.

  2. melva
    January 27, 2013 / 11:12 am

    thats strange becos if u look at ur older photos ur nose bridge n nose tip is quite flat. it grew sharper in the recent photos even in the picture u took of urself driving on thr left hand column of ur front pg blog. but anyway u do look better with the fillers. ur chin looks sharper and the nose is obvious. i love it. how much is the doctor charging? I wana try it too.

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