Halloween 2011

Right. I know it’s 2012 but as I mentioned in my previous post, my blog posts are a little backdated and my photos are still getting sorted slowly so if you are still interested to know, here’s how I spent my Halloween in 2011.

I actually celebrated Halloween several times in 2011. Was travelling through a couple of countries and ended up attending a few Halloween events. This post, however, is focused on the Halloween in Singapore at the Universal Studios.

I went for Halloween Nights with Jun, Yitian, Regina, JW and Fabian. It was quite a sight and the whole park was transformed into a zombie land. I had no fear of the zombies unless they crept up to me but was pretty terrified at the Peranakan haunted house. Somehow, asian ghosts and folklores have a deeper impact on me then the westernized ones. It’s the same with movies, I’m generally more terrified of Korean, Indonesian, Hong Kong, Japanese horror movies than I am of those done Hollywood style.

I expected myself to be the most easily frightened in the group but I was comparatively pretty brave! LOL. That’s probably only true because Jun and Yitian are a lot easier to scare! Yitian closes her eyes throughout the walk in the haunted house and Jun just kept screaming continuously!  There was even one section of the haunted house walk where Jun refused to walk any further and JW had to clear the way and convince her to keep moving!

While the whole park was done up really nicely with ghostly effects and great actors, I think the queues are just too long! Half the night was probably spent waiting in line. This is my 3rd time in Universal Studios Singapore and the first time I didn’t get a fast pass. I’ll probably not want to go back there again in quite awhile and if I do, I think the extra cost of a fast pass to cut the queues is a worthy investment.

The only place which is not eerie and ghostly is the restaurant. It’s kinda amusing to enjoy my spagetti with meat balls in a safe friendly environment while seeing a post-apocalypse world just beyond the main door of the restaurant.

I suppose that the celebration of Halloween is getting a lot more attention every year and almost everyone I know has attended some Halloween party or dressed up for the day. I wonder at which point would Halloween be so integrated in our Singapore culture that we would be able to send kids house to house for trick or treating.

Here’s my Halloween outfit – a floral Liz Lisa maxi pantsuit. No special costume dress up as Universal Studios do not allow their guests to costume dress for Halloween. I supposed that rule allows them to differentiate between guests and staff. It’ll be a complete chaos if no one could tell who was staff and who were patrons!



  1. rei
    January 15, 2012 / 1:56 pm

    Where u got this floral pant suit?

    • January 18, 2012 / 12:24 am


      This floral pantsuit is from Liz Lisa.

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