Greenie From Mars

Sometime not too long ago in the 90s… when I was a still little goody-two-shoe in my distinctive blue and white pinafore… there was this lady in her 40s living around my neighborhood at Serangoon Gardens who would walk her dog in the evenings. Every time I spotted her she would be in green… head to toe… even her track shoes and her dog’s collar. She looked ghastly and I called her the “Greenie from Mars”… I also said rather conceitedly that I will never ever wear all green.

Fast forward a decade or so later and I’ve actually grown to appreciate that color… It’s pleasing and soothing to the eyes and also considered an auspicious color by many… probably attributed to the legendary 4 leaf clover… Just the other day… I wore all green… head to toe… and i pretty liked what I saw… just hope I don’t end up a green monster when I’m 40… It just goes to show how whenever I say ” I’ll never ever…..” it always comes back to bite me in the butt… maybe in a snap of a finger or maybe in 1o years… but it’ll come and haunt me soon enough…


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