Great Eastern Women’s Run

Great Eastern Women’s Run

Guest post by Melva as I would not be around to personally participate in this run.

There is an increasing trend of having more organised races around our sunny island. The Great Eastern Women’s Run is an annual iconic run for women only. I have participated in many races before over the last 8 years and this will be the first time I will be running in a Womens-only race!
I do foresee that it would be so much of a breeze to have a race entirely for ladies only!

The annual Great Eastern Women’s Run is happening this 2014 on 9th November, Sunday.
There is still 3 more days before the Early Bird Registration Promotion ends. The best deal is to grab another girlfriend to sign up together and enjoy special rates off the usual early bird rates!

Great Eastern is a home grown insurance company and has been established for over a century. The company’s slogan: “LIVE GREAT!“ – encourages everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle and being healthy, you will be able to live it great! Great Eastern also organises monthly runs for employees to foster stronger workplace ties and promote the Live Great! spirit.

If you are a policy holder, you are given the best preferential rates for the registration.
Every participant will enjoy a COMPLIMENTARY Insurance Cover during the run that covers you for accidental death, permanent disablement and medical expense.

Benefit at a glance:

  1. Accidental Death
  2. Permanent Disablement
  3. Loss of
    1. all sight in both eyes
    2. both hands or feet
    3. one eye and one hand or foot
    4. one hand and one foot
    5. one eye
  4. Cover for Death & Permanent Disablement = $10,000
  5. Medical Expenses (Coverage is $500 – with deductible of $50)
  6. * From start till end point of the race

As social media has taken over most of our lives by storm, Great Eastern is totally with us. This year, there is also a Hashtag campaign #RuntoLiveGreat on Instagram


  1. Team up with a buddy, where at least 1 of you have not participated in previous Great Eastern Women’s Runs
  2. Submit 1 photo of you and your buddy, with a caption (of no more than 100 words):
    • What Live Great means to both of you AND
    • Your reasons for joining this programme together
  3. Send in your entry via
  4. The 50 most inspiring entries will be picked to qualify for #RuntoLiveGreat
  5. Deadline for submission: 6 July 2014

The campaign also schedules main fringe activities (complimentary access) for the selected 50 pairs of buddies:

  • Aug: Training Run
  • Sep: Fitness Fiesta
  • Oct: Kick-Boxing

Stand to win rewards throughout the campaign programme

Best Instagram posts of the monthSet of shopping vouchers (worth $50) for each participant
Grand rewards:
  1. Most Popular Pair
  2. Most Inspirational Pair

1-night stay at Ritz Carlton with buffet dinner for 2 for each participant

Click here to Sign yourself up for the race now! I will see you on Race Day!


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