Godson Leonidas

I went back to visit my Godson Leonidas again before he was discharged since on the very day he was born, the hospital room was filled with so many relatives and friends trying to catch a glimpse of this really cute newborn that I didn’t have much time to chat with Sushi.

Leonidas is blessed to have wonderful parents like Sushi and Daryl who have made this little boy their number one priority and will devote all the love and time necessary to assure him a proper upbringing!

Leonidas is a superbly active baby and he constantly tries to wriggle his hand free from his wrapping blanket so he can wave around 🙂 He also has nice big eyes which make him even cuter when he stares around in wide-eyed wonder.

After visiting Sushi and baby Leonidas at the hospital, Melva and I headed to Wala Wala for drinks and for Melva to grab her favorite chicken wings!

Here’s the outfit I wore.


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