Girls Outing

Met up with Mendy and Celeste last week for a little shopping…. wished Vernice could have joined us too! Celeste had her navel pierced!! She says it doesn’t hurt and she didn’t even feel any pain but the thought of it makes me cringe! Yes yes I’m a coward and I admit it! Vain as I may be I refuse to subject myself to piercings and tattoos. My ear holes were pierced when i was a tiny baby… I had it for as long as I remembered and I sincerely thank my mother for that!

These 2 pretty girls are such fun! Thanks to Celeste for treating me to Sake Sushi! I still owe you guys drinks!!!

3 girls at MAC3 girls at MAC 23 girls at MAC 3

We’ll meet up again soon ya? And hopefully we’ll have Vernice, Dr. X and Louis around!


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