Getting smooth and clear skin (almost) instantly

Getting smooth and clear skin (almost) instantly

To say I travel a lot is probably an understatement. In the last year (2015), I was away 185 days out of 365 days a year. That meant I spent more than half my year traveling around places. I generally have pretty good skin (for my age) but all the traveling to different climates have wreaked havoc on my skin. Early this year, I found my skin texture to be dry and bumpy. I lost my radiance and even in my usual OOTD shots above, my face simply looks tired and haggard ( I totally didn’t do my cute Patinya dress any justice). My pores also looked bigger than ever. Just look at the close up photo below.

I believe that investing in a good skincare regime will ensure good skin but that takes time. I needed something that could give me results instantaneously as Chinese New Year was round the corner. Dr Cindy of Dr Cindy’s Medical Aesthetics Clinic came to my rescue with just one You Laser session.

I’m no stranger to Dr. Cindy’s Clinic as I previously tried an IPL facial at her cosy clinic. She has 3 different outlets – Orchard, Raffles Place and Tampines. My favourite branch is probably the one at Raffles Place but the Orchard branch (which was decorated with a festive CNY theme) was more convenient for me when I last visited.

You Laser is a type of rejuvenating laser that can penetrate the surface skin to stimulate the collagen from within and below and triggering its production, rather than simply shearing off the surface. It is able to improve skin texture and control sebaceous glands that produce sebum to give new radiance to your skin.

There are many ways of approach when it comes to a You Laser treatment. If you are intent on a getting a clear result, Dr Cindy can set the lasers to be stronger which are ablative (meaning they superficially wound the skin), leaving the skin with redness and scabs for about a week, followed by 3-4 weeks of pink skin. The later 3-4 weeks can generally be masked with makeup, since the skin has healed. These stronger versions are usually reserved for more substantial signs of aging, uneven texture, deep wrinkling, or scars—often acne scars.

Unfortunately, I always have a full social calendar and simply couldn’t afford the downtime. Luckily Dr. Cindy was able to strategize a You Laser treatment to focus on on using non-ablative (non-wounding) lasers for me. These lasers are better tolerated by most skin (especially sensitive ones like mine) and have little or no downtime. Not only do these lasers stimulate the collagen, they also allow for a surface exfoliation of the skin, which sheds abnormal browning and dullness to the skin. Consequently, the skin looks brighter and texture is improved. However, this method might require more than just one session to see the full results.

The photo below is taken immediately after the You Laser treatment and I dare say that my skin texture looks better already! It’ll probably take 2 to 3 more sessions before I get a better result for my pore size but I’m happy with the results from such a quick and painless session. My skin was only slightly pink but dissipated quickly. There was no downtime and I met up with friends for dinner immediately after my treatment.

Thank you Dr. Cindy for always being so friendly and recommending the most suitable choices for my needs. If you would like to visit Dr. Cindy to address any of your skin or aesthetic concerns, you can make an appointment at any of her clinics.

Dr. Cindy Medical Aesthetic Clinic

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