Gaining perspectives

Gaining perspectives

When I was younger, I wanted it all. I want everything and I want it now or maybe even, yesterday. I believe that I could do it all as long as I put my heart and soul into it. I felt like I needed to get a handle on every aspect of my life. I wanted to be on top of my A-game in my career, gain as much experience as I could in the shortest time, travel the world, gain as much knowledge, find true love, understand my life’s purpose, help others and be there for my family and friends. There was nothing wrong with all my wants. Except for the fact that I wanted it all accomplished at the same time.

Now that I’m older, I know the importance of slowing down. Of keeping a steady pace. I still want all the same things but more importantly, I want to be happy. I want to enjoy every stage of the journey. Instead of steering and counter-steering with every change of the wind, I’ve learnt to let things unfold before deciding what to do next. Bulldozing my way through at full speed is the fastest way to get a burnout. Instead, I allow myself to think things through and give myself options before taking action when it’s critical.

Taking life one breath at a time also keeps my perspective in check. Every decision in life seems so important and so critical at that time. It feels so big; a do or die. But in the grand scheme of life, each little hiccup is really not that big of a deal. That fight you had with your friend or loved one, that job opportunity you missed, that trip where everything went wrong, the things we wanted but didn’t get and the expectations that let us down. It won’t matter a year, ten years, twenty years or thirty years from now. We still grow and learn to enjoy our detours. All that we are today, we owe it the many yesterdays that we had. I’m also less worried or upset because I have not lost my perspectives.

Unless it causes an immediate threat to my life, I’ve learnt to let it go. More importantly, I’ve learnt to appreciate every little moment of my life and it has made me even more grateful for all that I have.

Outfit: An old piece from Valentino a few seasons ago.

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