Weather in Germany is really cold!! It hovered around – 8 C to 2C and temperatures just seem to dip everyday I was there. The scenery however was still pretty gorgeous! Winter backgrounds gives a very melancholy feel.

I really wanted some good German food down my stomach so the first stop was to Adolf Wagner. This is a very popular restaurant that is frequent by both tourists as well as the locals!

Food portions are pretty huge but very yummy! I couldn’t finish the pork knuckles though. Just too much fats for my system to digest. Ebbelwoi is the recommend choice of drink. It’s an alcoholic apple wine that is mild to taste but has an alcohol content of about 7%. I took a sip to give my body some warmth but refrained from drinking much cause I’ve got a low tolerance for alcohol. Can you see that my face has already started to turn red?

Frankfurt is the largest city in Hesse and the 5th largest city in Germany. Frankfurt is the financial center for Germany and the German stock exchange is located here. The city of Frankfurt is located on both side of the River Main. I’m crossing the river via one of the bridges on the photos.

I took a nice pleasant stroll down to the city center. The setting sun feels good in the cold weather casting an orange hue on everything including me! It was only in the afternoon when these pictures were taken but the sun sets extremely early in winter.

The Römer (German for “Roman”) is a medieval building in the heart of Frankfurt city and has served as the city hall for 600 years!

The 3 buildings clustered together with the huge christmas tree in front is the first few buildings of the Römer. The famous three-peaked façade has medieval elements of design.

Despite its’ old and medieval outlook, the rooms here are used for many official purposes… such as getting your civil registration for weddings. Some of the rooms have also preserved its look for 600 years!

When I travel, other then doing all the touristy stuff, I love to do the commonplace local path too! So off I go to the night market where fresh produce is sold! They have so many thing my eyes see stars! Chocolates, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat and home made products. The best thing? The market is clean and not smelly, unlike the Singapore wet markets.

Yummy huge german frankfuters! I would love to buy them home and cook up a storm!


The rest of my night was pretty much spent shopping =) Down to the big name stores! I didn’t take much photos though cause it was too cold and my hand was shaking too much to take proper night shots.

But I do have a video for you all to enjoy =)


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