Forest Adventure

On early Saturday morning I headed out to Bedok Reservoir to meet some friends for a day of Forest Adventure. This outing was organised by Kailing and her hubby.

First thing was to fill up the indemnity forms which basically states that whatever happens, the company is not liable for any injuries so watch out for yourself!

Next thing was to gear up and listen closely to the safety briefing cause we all wanted a fun experience with no casualties!

And then we were all set to go!

If you ask how I would rate Singapore’s forest adventures vs the other treetop adventures I’ve tried, I’ve got to say that this one is the most mild. It’s not that high and the hardest course that we tried was all still very easy so if you want to bring your family along or have a group that includes less adventurous friends then this is really suitable. For the more adventurous, I’ll recommend Skytrek in Malaysia for the height and the Treetop adventure in Bali for more difficult obstacles.

And here’s the video to share with you all! Check out the Chun-li move on the zip line!


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