Flying into Bali

As mentioned earlier, this Bali trip was quite awhile back. I needed a recharge and Bali has always been my go-to-place for a relaxing holiday. I was pretty spent after long long day at work and rushed to the airport through the crazy peak hour jam to catch the flight out of Singapore to Denpasar.

I was starving by the time I got to Changi Airport and barely had time to wolf down some croissant sandwiches from Delifrance before boarding my flight.  The buttery pastry and mayo fillings may sound really sinful but they were a life saver.

A hop and a skip later, I was in Bali. I had prearranged my usual driver to come pick me up at the airport to the villa.

Along the way, I made a small detour to this seafood restaurant to grab some supper. I can’t remember what I had but it was probably something simple such as fried rice with a plate of fish and some vegetables.

It was past midnight by the time we reached Bidadari Villas but I felt cosy the moment I arrived! I was ready to enjoy my holiday!

The bed was beautifully mad with flowers and this was done every single day I was there!

First thing I did was to take a quick rain shower (After all I had been at work the whole day before flying over and was totally feeling icky). The shower was built in a way that you had complete privacy but was still able to look up into the sky to see the twinkling stars and be at ease with mother nature.

I was so eager to shower that it was only after I was fresh and clean from the hot shower that I realized the butler had drawn up a flower bath for me! So pretty and nice smelling.

I was really tempted to take a night dip in the private pool and soak in the flower bath after but in the end exhaustion won out and I just headed to bed instead.






Gotta stop writing for now but I’ll continue my Bali adventures soon!


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