Fish Spa

It all started on afternoon when I brought my dear mummy out for lunch and a walk in the park with my doggies. We tried out Aramsa Spa’s Canopy restaurant at Bishan Park 2.

Food was not bad though not fantastic either. Mum wanted to try out the spa facilities but we had dogs with us so we decided not to. The I remembered seeing a foot reflexology and fish spa in Bishan Park 1 that allows dogs… so we headed over.

Mum did the fish therapy alone cause I was too chicken to try. These ” doctor-fishes”  are toothless and use a sucking motion to consume all the dead areas of skin on the surface of your feet so the new healthy skin can grow. A little like exfoliation.

I promised to give it ago and to bring my whole family to try it out another time. Which I did… about 2 days later… I’ll tell you about that experience in the next post.




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