Fashion and Style

Everyone who knows me also must know how I love to shop especially when it comes to clothes and bags and shoes. It’s been so etched into my lifestyle sometimes I’m not sure if I should categorize it as a hobby or a personality… or maybe it’s a mixture of both.

So it’s not a surprise that friends and strangers alike ask why I never talk much about my outfits or thoughts about fashion on my blog. Well… I do discuss my outfits but normally i do it at the forums where others post their outfits as well… I love the interaction and the inspiration I get from like-minded people and usually direct my friends to go join so they can view others as well.

However when I went out with my group of gals last week… the babes complained that they can’t access forums at work and asked me to post up on my blog with more details on the individual pieces. It’s not that the thought hasn’t crossed my mind.. just that the inertia to get it up and running is just too strong for a naturally procrastinator like me.

B, SK and YY… I’ve finally got down to it thanks to your constant bugging.. I’ll post up real soon!


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