I’ve heard about Eragon when I was in Australia about 2 years back when it was on the bestselling list for children books.

The overview of this movie is simple – Eragon (newcomer Edward Speleers), a teen farm boy in the land of Alagaësia, who, with the help of his trusty dragon, becomes a fierce warrior. On the whole I found the movie average. The visual effects were good and the movie has a very potent cast. Jeremy Irons acts as Brom; Robert Carlyle as Durza; Djimon Hounsou as Ajihad; John Malkovich as Galbatorix and Rachel Weisz, who provides the voice of the CGI-generated dragon, Saphira.

However, the movie lacks originality in both it’s plot and in the creation of this fantasy world. It has too many similar elements to LOTR… where you have Aragorn instead of Eragon. The only gripping scene was the final battle between Eragon and Saphira vs Durza and his demon. Maybe its due to the fact that I had high hopes for this movie so I can’t except that there wasn’t more to it. It almost seemed as if this movie was nothing but a lengthy trailer for Eragon 2.

If I have the time I might want to read the series for myself and catch up on the missing pieces that the movie obviously left out… I do hope it’ll be a lot better.

[rate 3]


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