Emmie the Pomeranian

Meet Emmie. She’s an absolute adorable 2mths old pom. The best thing about her is that she’s just like my Louis… totally non-barking. I love her so much! Question is should I keep her or not. I know I have been going on and on about wanting a 2nd dog. And I do want her so… but having a pet is a lifetime commitment and I want to make the right decision cause once I open a space in my heart for her I don’t think anyone or anything can tear her apart from me.

The people I love in my life should also open their hearts and love them like they love me. Without their support I cannot give my 100% to my dogs… so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Just like how I feel about my Louis. I want only the best for them.



  1. June 20, 2007 / 8:45 pm

    sooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  2. June 20, 2007 / 8:45 pm

    sooooooooooooooo cute!!!

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