Emmie and Louis

Okies! It’s firm! They will both be my dearest furkids! I solemnly promise that unless they pass on… I will not take in a 3rd or a 4th simply cause I wouldn’t be able to give them all the love and attention they deserve. I also wouldn’t be able to afford the best for them… but with two… it’s a perfect balance.

Emmie’s like the miniature version of Louis. She’s 1/4 his size but tries to follow in his footsteps. Some good some bad… like rolling in the grass. Louis loves his new sister too and he would lie flat to play with her so that they are level.

Just as how it was when i first brought Louis home… I thought she was a mute cause she didn’t bark at all for 2 days and poms are supposedly on the noisy side. Then just now her collar got caught in her mouth and she whined.. so I know she’s fine… I’m lucky God gave me 2 totally adorable pups with such good temperaments!


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