Doggie Update

As promised, I’m gonna dedicate this post to my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Louis. He’s now 6mths old and a lot bigger than when he first arrived. In the past couple of months having him has drastically altered my lifestyle. I’ve had pets before but it had been largely taken care of by my mom or grandma or the maid. Now that I oversee every little aspect of Louis well being do I truly comprehend the meaning and commitment of owning a pet.

It’s quite similar to having a new child I suppose. He’s cute and affectionate. You play with him… Feed him… Bring him for walks or a swim at the sea. But as any pet owner will tell you… It’s not always rosey. You also have to deal with stinky poop… chewing of stuff when you are not at home… taking time out of your busy life to groom him… waking up early on a weekend to make sure he has his breakfast… or taking him to run outdoors even when all you wanna do is laze at home. One of the reasons for this entry is to inform friends that would like to own a pet in the near future the considerations that need to factor in while deciding to get a pet. I’ve known and heard of too many eager families or young couples buying a puppy only to abandon or give it away within the the 1st month of taking it home.Of course many pet owners have the luxury of maids to do all the nasty chores but I don’t and I won’t want one. It’s through all the good and bad times… the little sacrifices and adjustments you make for this little furball that bonds you to him. He can be as naughty as a monkey but when I go on a holiday… he’s constantly in my thoughts.

Louis gives me something that is rare in this age and time. He gives unconditional love. No matter how you scold or beat him… he will always love you and want you. Sometimes when he is sound asleep… I will quietly leave the room to not disturb him.. but somehow he always realizes it and wakes up to follow me even when I go to the bathroom. He’s contented to sleep outside the toilet door to wait for me to come out before going back to his bed.

These are some recent pictures of him… taken while he’s cuddling on me and when I bring him to picnics at the beach.


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