Disney Magic

Quite a number of my friends have asked me if it is safe to travel in Japan alone. And the answer is a definite YES. During this trip I had arrived earlier in Japan as my family had some personal matters to attend to and came much later on Northwest. Traveling the streets alone was not at all intimidating! It felt as safe as going out in Singapore. In fact… By the time my family came I could bring them around for shopping and great food stalls as I had memorized the streets.

But naturally I saved all the best attractions for us to go as a family and one of them is Disney! I had been contemplating between Disneyland or Disneysea but in the end we decided to go to both as a treat for my little sister who couldn’t get enough of Mickey Mouse when she was in Disneyworld in the states.


Both are amazingly enjoyable but I preferred Disneysea to Disneyland as it was newer and had less of a crowd. Disneyland was bigger but the queues were much longer and the rides are similar to the other Disneylands over the world. Nevertheless… if you have never been to any Disney theme park then pick Disneyland over Disneysea!

This time… the land park was decked out in Halloween theme and if you say “Trick ‘O Treat” you might just get a Disney candy!



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