Dine around dinner Adventure

I love trying out new experiences especially when it involves de-stressing, traveling or gourmet food! One weekend we headed to The Sentosa Resort and Spa Hotel for just that! We decided to give their “Dine around dinner adventure” a go as well. As put in their words ” The Dine Around Dinner Adventure is an ingenious dining concept at The Sentosa where fine gastronomy is combined with distinct surroundings to leave you with an unforgettable experience.”

Our first stop was champagne and some teaser dishes at The Pavillion. Relaxing little bar area in between 2 swimming pools with fountains running across nearby and a pianist filling the air with soft compositions. It was a great start!

When we got bored of The Pavillion, they sent for the buggy to come fetch us to our next restaurant, “The Garden”. This one is probably my favorite of them all. I’m attracted to the wide open kitchen, the bright clean decor, high ceilings and the most amazing thing, a real live tree grown in the middle of the restaurant! It’s probably not the most romantic ambiance but I never had an immense love for dark “romantic” restaurants anyways. I actually much prefer seeing my food with all it’s gorgeous mix of colors in a cosy well-lit ambiance.

Everything tasted so good and so healthy! My favorite dish is also one of their signature dishes. Comprising bright shades of red from the watermelon, strawberry and cherry tomato, the Compressed Watermelon tastes as light and refreshing as it looks. The lovely crunch of the fruits coupled with the sweetness of the goat cheese, and cold burst of flavour from the red wine sangria granita, make this an excellent starter. Close friends always joke how I love anything watermelon, which is not entirely untrue but I’ve never though of this awesome combination of tastes and texture!

When we were done, the golf cart buggy came along to pick us for our final restaurant. The Cliff is reputed to be one of Singapore’s finest restaurants. As quoted from their website, ” Designed by famed Japanese designer, Yasuhiro Koichi, The Cliff at The Sentosa is a top restaurant in Singapore that sets new standards in the culinary arts. Perched on a cliff overlooking the South China Sea, it features a show kitchen, cascading water features and a split-level platform built over lush jungle. The Cliff restaurant is an alfresco haven for connoisseurs of exquisite seafood and fine wines.”

My personal thoughts of the place? Well, I really love the idea of a restaurant on a cliff but I wish I was there earlier so I could catch the sunset from that vantage. It was already pretty dark by the time I started my dining experience at The Cliff so it felt more like it being a giant tree house perched high and in the middle of a rainforest. Which is a totally different feel but still wonderful and relaxing. This is the romantic restaurant ambiance that most people are looking for when they wanna bring their date to celebrate a special occasion. The feeling that you have your own secret little corner with a touch of personalized service from the staff there. I love the cosiness but I wish I had more light to see the contrasting colors on my food… I’m a super unromantic date right!

They are supposed to be really good for their fresh seafood but I’ve got my allergies to all seafood except fish. That aside, almost everything we ordered was cooked to perfection! Just see that healthy pink hue on my lamb! We had the 2 signature desserts, The Cliff lemon tart and Textures of Peach. The Cliff lemon tart is not really a tart in it’s traditional sense but textures of lemon, gin and tonic jelly, tonka bean ice cream, yuzu sorbet, holunderbluten syrup while Textures of Peach was recommended to cleanse the palate and refresh the soul! The peaches came in liquid, crisps, frozen and a couple more different textures that didn’t feel like I was having peaches at all. Both desserts are supposed to be paired with wines for the best combination of tastes but since I was driving back after dinner, I skipped ending the night with alcohol.

Here is what I wore for dinner. The mesh tunic which I paired with black shorts is sponsored by Global Citizen. Decided to add splashes of red to highlight the outfit 🙂



  1. April 30, 2012 / 9:43 am

    Hi Renzze, thanks for the lovely review on our Dine Around Adventure. We’re glad you enjoyed the dining experience. Certainly hope to see you back with us again!

    Cindy Neo
    Online Marketing Executive
    The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel

    • May 3, 2012 / 1:15 am

      Hi Cindy,

      I had a great time and would love to visit again soon. Keep up the good work!

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