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I’ve been trying out DHC since before the brand was available in Singapore. When Watsons brought it in, I was delighted because I no longer need to wait till I visited Japan to stock up on their goodies. If you are a regular reader of renzze.com then I’m sure you’ve read some of my reviews on their products.

Naturally I was excited to be invited to DHC X Watsons event that showcases their full collection as well as their new products.

DHC has always carried both skincare as well as supplements as they believe that to get great skin you must work with a 2 prong attack. Applying topical skincare as well as taking care of what your body needs internally will result in beautiful skin. I’m a firm believer of this philosophy as well.

With so many different series of skincare lines, DHC has something for every skin type. There is the DHC Salicylic Acid range for those with acne skin, DHC Moisture Fruit series for those who needs hydration, Eye Brightening series for those coveting sparkling eyes, the DHC Medicated series for firm supple skin, and of course their best selling DHC cleansing oil.

I’ve mixed and match many of the DHC products to best suit my skin in different environments.

Their latest skincare range is the DHC Kakon Juka series which I’m currently trying out and will be reviewing in detail at a later date once I’ve tried it for at least a month.

The Japanese DHC team flew down specially to teach us more about their products and the tips on how to use them for the best results.

With the DHC products, it’s easy to give yourself a pampering DIY facial. One of the tips we learnt is to wrap a hot towel around your face for about 30 second  to let the pores open up before applying DHC masks.

The DHC Kakon Juka series helps keep your face bouncy and wrinkle free.

After learning all about using DHC in our facial routines, it was time to learn how to incorporate DHC into our everyday lives through the food we eat. Yes you heard right, we’re gonna be cooking up a storm of delicious food that will also be great for your skin.

The secret ingredients we used is the DHC collegen powder and DHC collegen drink.. We added them in our recipes so that our delicious food will be filled with collegen enhancing properties as well!

Here’s a group shot with all the cooking buddies I shared the table with.

The first dish I did was baked mentaiko pasta. It was really easy peasy. After adding all the ingredients to mix the sauce, I just add cooked pasta and packed it up in a little parcel to bake.

I like to fold mine in a curry puff style to prevent any of the sumptuous sauce from leaking. Once it’s baked, I add as much DHC collegen powder into the pasta before serving. Remember to add the collegen powder last so the heat doesn’t change any of the properties.

Some bonito flakes, sprinkle of seaweed and a dash of cracked pepper to make this delicious meal ready for the table.

Next, it was time to roll some sushi! I didn’t take photos of the creating process as it wasn’t really hygienic for me to handle both the camera as well as the food with my hands. It is basically rolling seaweed, sushi rice, cucumber, salmon and DHC collegen powder using the sushi mat then slicing it. Another easy peasy dish that taste delicious.

Here’s how my sushi looks. It tastes as good as it looks and it’s so very healthy as well!

Now to end the meal, there has to be dessert!

We had these cute ice snow cones to remind us to apply and consume with DHC for great skin. But these weren’t done by me so it couldn’t count as a proper end to my meal.

I had to create my own dessert that will infuse glorious collegen as an added benefit when consumed.

The easiest way to do a good healthy dessert is to layer Azuki beans with yogurt, fruits, mochi balls and DHC collegen drink! The DHC collegen drink tastes of sour sweet berries which goes great in desserts.

This 3 course Japanese theme meal was so easy and filled with lovely collegen for my skin. What more can I ask for?

I even had time to catchup with some familiar faces and take photos 🙂

Thank you DHC for showing me how easy I can incorporate more collegen into my daily life.

You can find DHC products at any Watsons store.






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