DHC at Watsons

I’ve been trying out the DHC essential set that I got from Watsons and here’s my review on it! For those who haven’t heard of DHC, it’s a internationally acclaimed skin care brand from Japan. It’s olive oil based products have been so popular that their cult following have spread from Japan to USA, Europe and most of Asia! Now it’s easily available at your nearest Watsons Care Store in Singapore.

I have rather sensitive skin that is prone to redness so when I heard that the formulas used in DHC skin care products do not have any fragrances, colors or irritants, I was naturally excited to give them a go!  It’s been 2 weeks of usage and here’s my verdict.

I love the Deep Cleansing Oil as it removes any makeup throughly without needing to tug at my skin. It’s as good as the Shu Uemura’s version I tried but a lot cheaper which would translate to a substantial amount of savings in the long run. It feels and looks like oil but easily lathers and washes away when rinsed with water. I tried it on waterproof makeup and it works like a charm, breaking down the oil and dirt to leave skin soft, pores clean and skin soft.

The mild soap was a little more tricky as I’m not used to using a soap bar. I use this in the mornings as my skin is free from any sunblock and doesn’t really require the Deep Cleansing Oil to break down any makeup. It’s easy to leather and my skin feels nice and glowy after using. However, the set didn’t come with a container to store the soap so it was a little difficult to bring around since I’m currently still travelling.

The DHC mild toner is alcohol free and didn’t give me any breakouts. I’m not too sure how to judge the effectiveness of a toner and as long as it doesn’t cause my skin any problems, it’s good for me.

The DHC Olive Virgin Oil is my favorite. Travelling around has been very stressful for my skin. This little wonder makes my skin softer and moisturizes well. I apply it on my face on my plane ride and fall asleep knowing my skin won’t feel as dry and tired when I wake up. I have also used it on my hair ends and it’s a great multi-tasker.

I’ll be trying out more of the other DHC goodies since it’s been proven to work on my skin and I’ll keep you all updated with the things I’ve tried!


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