Departing KL

I took a sabbatical from work a couple of months back and have been madly traveling the globe, checking off items on my bucket list. I’ve still quite a few more countries in my itinerary  before I’m ready to head back to work. This probably explains why I haven’t been blogging as much. If you have me on twitter, Facebook page or instagram (@renzze ) you might have already suspected.  While I’m having crazy amount of fun and a million new experiences, I haven’t had time to sit down to sort out photos and blog as often so I’m going to just be resigned that my travel posts are going to be a lot less real time on my blog. Still I’ll blog whenever I can because other than connecting to readers and friends, this blog has continued to be serving it’s original intention as an ongoing journal of my life and experiences.

Like the title suggests, today’s post is about one of my previous trips in KL and chronicles how I spent my last day before departing KL, Malaysia.

I’ve been going KL ever so often and the biggest draw for me (other than family and friends, of course) is the food! It’s rich, oily, unhealthy, sinful but extremely yummy. My frequent travels there in the last few year have significantly added kilograms to my weight!

Lunch was at my favorite banana leaf restaurant, Nirwana Maju at Bangsar. I normally don’t even need to order anything extra, just the yummy fragrant rice with curry sauce and the standard basic vegetables. They have the yummiest deep fried eggplant! This time I was a little greedier so I ordered fried chicken and extra papadams.

After a satisfying lunch I walked over to my friend’s store, Apronbay, for a quick eyebrow threading! I rarely do my brows but I’ll always try to make time to visit Apronbay for threading when I’m in the area. They do all sorts of waxing and other beauty services as well.

I always love being in their different destination themed rooms!

Met with another friend or two and off to the KLIA airport I go!


Usually I’m at the airport just on time but for this flight we were extremely early and had time to explore a little more. I love Changi Airport but in all fairness, KL International Airport is pretty good as well. They have lots of shops and a jungle boardwalk in the middle of their transit terminal.

Really feels like a forest even though it’s in a building right!

I wasn’t hungry but just felt like munching so Macdonald’s came to the rescue. I know there’s been a lot of controversies surrounding Macdonald’s fries but I have to say they still have the yummiest skinny fries amongst all the fast food chains.

A skip, a hop and a wait later, I was on my way back to Singapore. The journey is so short that I normally can’t nap. Instead I’d usually read a book or in this case, play card games.

Singapore is will always be home for me but KL gives me a break from my crazy schedules when I’m in Singapore and you can be sure that I will be looking forward to visting again soon.


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