Date Night

Date night with friends is something that I do on a regular basis.  Who says movies, dinners and loving company has to be spent only with your other half! Just yesterday, I had dinner at Sushi’s place then went with Melva to watch “Burlesque” at Kallang Leisure Park.

And some time back, Clara was my date for a movie in town before meeting Melva and Sushi for ice-cream fondue for  supper!

In the photos, my dearest friend, Sushi, is about 2 weeks before she her due date! She’s already given birth to a very cute baby boy and I would definately share photos with you in the near future 🙂 But I’ve so much to do recently that I’m a little backlogged on my photos!

Sushi and Melva gave me that silver Longchamp bag! It’s so casual and easy to match and they both know how I like to collect bags 🙂

I love the new Haagen Dazs creations and I really think the sushi ice-cream is an absolutely adorable concept but their prices have gone up quite sharply.


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