Custom Kicks and Sneakers

Just something cool to share.

I spotted a pretty cool pair of shoes on Shannon when we were in a cab 2 weeks back. And was surprised when I found out he DIYed! I asked him to do a pair for me and told him his little hobby was good enough to set up his own business. See for yourself!!

Fast forward to today and viola! He actually started his own little self customizations service! I wanna be one of his first customers but I’ve yet to think of a really nice design yet…. I wan a slightly less funky and more cute one like this to match my Junk Food tees!

Will post up when I get my pair done by him…. since I think $60- $80 is reasonable for one-of-a-kind design I get to participate in.

If you are keen you go visit the online shop or email for more details.

Pssst… to all firefox users like me…. his site is best viewed with internet explorer.


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