Crystal Clear Waters

Maybe I was just lucky but most of the lakes and random rivers I saw in the Switzerland Alps had absolutely crystal clear waters with the surrounding mountains beautifully reflected on the water surface!

The Swiss countryside is dominated by water, mountains and forests. The Alps and their foothills cover some 60% of the country’s area, but only about 20% of the population live in the Alpine regions.

With more than 1’500 lakes and many rivers, Switzerland is a veritable paradise of water. Roughly two-thirds of the country’s electricity is produced with hydroelectric power. Groundwater reservoirs and freshwater springs supply 42% of Switzerland’s drinking water, and lakes supply another 16%. Compared with other countries, the wastewater treatment systems are of a very high standard. Most of the bodies of water found in Switzerland have excellent water quality, and tap water is as good as many of the commercially available bottled waters.

The air quality in Switzerland also reflects exemplary policies and efforts. Very strict limits on traffic, industrial, commercial and residential emissions have caused a marked decrease in air pollution in Switzerland since the 1980s.

Most people love going on beach holidays to de-stress… I much rather have a lake like this and I can park myself by the water’s edge with a book to be one with nature.


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