Cosfest 09 Part 1

Gosh I keep finding photos that I’ve meant to post but never got round to doing so. Just like this CosFest at Downtown East photos sometime back. My sister and some of her friends were participating and as usual I went down to give her some support. Audrey also came down to meet me up. I really should meet her more often!

I was rushing around to get one of my computers fixed at SLS that day so I didn’t hang around too long. There was this cosplayer that was putting on his gundam suit that caught our eyes though.

Fantastic work! The eyes even lights up! It was a massive effort just for him to get into the suit and being inside that costume must have been really hot!

Had lunch with Audrey at a noodle stall. Mine was pumpkin noodles with mushrooms. The mushrooms were pretty good but I couldn’t taste any pumpkin in the noodles.

Will post photos of my sis in the next post!

I had so little sleep… I could hardly open my eyes! =(



  1. September 19, 2009 / 4:55 pm

    Wow I wonder if he made that costume himself or it was bought! Because if it’s self-made, I am totally awed.

    • September 20, 2009 / 1:01 am


      It was a home-made costume! Must have been a labor of love!

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