Corn Starch

Several weeks ago, when AC was in town for a short visit, we were intrigued by how the Mythbuster duos ( Adam and Jamie) managed to ” Walk on Water”! It basically explores the properties of non-newtonian fluid. ( From  wiki – A non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid whose flow properties are not described by a single constant value of viscosity.)

OK OK! I know I’m starting to sound geeky  ( watching discovery channel and all) but truth be told, I think I’m a closet geek. New discoveries and findings as well as the application of cool matter properties really get me on a high. Since this was a relatively easy (and safe) experiment, we decided to make our own non-newtonian fluid aka cornstarch solution.

Just a container, cornstarch flour, water and many pairs of hands, we’re good to go! You can watch the video to see what happened! The first video shows you our version and the 2nd video shows you the mythbuster version. Either way, it works!


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