Cook-in at Sushi's place

My photo’s are all in a huge mess after retrieving some of the data from my dead drives. But I found some photos that I actually missed out posting on my blog. One of this is a cook-in we had at Sushi’s place when Clara was still around. Gosh! I miss having cook-ins’! We used to have that pretty often but then everyone seem so occupied these days including myself.

As usual, we have Clara doing the major heavy lifting in the kitchen with me as sous-chef. She made really yummy curry chicken which is one of my fave! And of course there was a good mix of vegetables, sushi and dessert!

Sushi, Daryl, Clara, Melva, Regina, JW, Jolene, Bernice, Kelvin and even little Arielle were all having loads of fun! It was a wonderful catch-up session for everyone.

Some of us wanted to play and feed the fishes in the pond with all the exotic life worms and bugs while others just shrieked and backed away! LOL. It was too dark and to late to see most of the fishes but it’ll be fun to do a little show and tell of the fishes some other day.

Anyhow, just wanted to share some of my happy memories while I’m totally stressing out and re-organizing my photos and data.  And as usual, I’ll end this post with the photos of my outfit that day. The dress is from Club Couture.



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