Confession of Murder

It’s been awhile since I watched a good Korean movie at the cinemas and  recently I’ve added ‘Confession of Murder’ into my good Korean movie list.

I had walked into the GV cinema a little grumpy and annoyed on Thursday evening due to a bad service from a nail salon and emerged happy as a lark after the movie closed.

The story surrounds a bad tempered Detective Choi (Jung Jae Yong) who failed to capture a suspect that raped and murdered 10 women 15 years ago. When the statute of limitations have expired on the serial murders, a sudden Lee Doo-Suk appears and confesses that he was the murderer. He authors a book that detailed the events and happenings of each crime in vivid details. But as Lee Doo-Suk (Park Si-Hoo) is handsome and has incredible charisma, he is immediately propelled to some sort of a celebrity status! Victims of the family are upset and hatches a plan to kidnap and kill him while the detective feels torn about the whole situation. There is a gorgeous plot twist at the end of the movie which I won’t reveal so you can go catch the movie for yourself.

This movie has a little of everything – non-stop action, dark intelligent humour, good acting, pretty faced boy, over-the-top Hollywood fight scenes, gripping storyline and a enigmatic twist of events. I felt that I watched a full 28 episode Korean drama that has been squeezed into a 2 hour movie in a good way. ‘Confessions of Murder’ made me roll my eyes, grip my seat, laugh, anticipate, get surprised and swoon all in one sitting. Jung Jae Yong is a very talented actor and Park Si Hoo reminds me of another good looking Korean star, Rain.

In my opinion, Korean movies are a risky lot. They either do it right or do it incredibly wrong. However, when the Koreans get it right they are capable of evoking all sorts of emotions within you and ‘Confession of Murder’ has done it right this time. The few flaws of the film like the OTT fight actions have been well balanced by the tongue-in-cheek fun elements thrown in throughout the show. It lets you come out of the movie feeling satisfied and if the plot-line is too dramatic for you, you’ll always have handsome small eyed Park Si Hoo to put a smile to your face.

Here I am after the movie looking happy! Go catch it at the cinemas today!


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