Cold Shoulder Dress

Cold Shoulder Dress

Dress – Maje
Heels – Christian Dior
Earrings – Hermes

Here are some thoughts I’ve been having these 2 weeks.

  1. I’ve been dressing more casual these days. Partly fueled by the warm weather and partly because the project I’m working on allows me to work out of the office and at my cafe, The Pourover Bar.
  2. I’ve been a fan of the cold shoulder or off shoulder dress so now that it’s actually in trend is just a delightful bonus.
  3. The pink Dior heels have been hidden away in my shoe cupboard for so long. I really should wear them out more often.
  4. I’m planning my schedule for September and October. Fingers crossed, I’ll get to travel to some exciting places.
  5. Played DOTA 2 last night after a long hiatus and my lappie died on me cause I forgot to take back my charger. My team won anyways.
  6. Bullies don’t go away as you get older, they just change how they operate. Some people never grow up.
  7. If you haven’t noticed the change yet, my website design crashed after I tried to update it. It was due for a change anyway so I ended up working on it myself. There’s a lot of things I would like to incorporate so it’s not at the final design stage yet.
  8. I’m loving how my hair is so fuss free and easy to maintain. The green highlights have been fading beautifully into a ashy color. Much love and thanks goes out to Michelle of Toliv Boutique. 
  9. Forgo driving on most days to take the MRT. I love how convenient Singapore’s transport system is. Of course, that’s when there’s no breakdowns.
  10. Went for an SKII facial on my off day and I was delighted to learn that my skin firmness is at 100%. I really need to work on hydration for better skin texture though.
  11. A delivery guy (UberEats) came to collect an order and said he didn’t have a Cash Card so he couldn’t make the delivery into CBD. I had to lend him mine. Don’t all drivers (especially those who do random deliveries) have a cash card?
  12. If that wasn’t crazy enough, a delivery guy (from CarPal courier) come by the cafe to collect a large order of delicious creamy choux pastry for a customer’s birthday surprise. Guess what? He doesn’t drive and was intending to take the bus to deliver. Totally insane. After convincing him that those pastries are not going to survive the bus journey in our hot weather he finally called Grab Taxi.
  13. On the bright side, I’ve got so many great feedback about the coffee at The Pourover Bar that validates all the little decisions we make to keep the quality good. Our Australian roasted Kenya beans came in top 2 in a cupping and tasting session held among baristas and coffee connoisseurs in Hong Kong!
  14. Had a really fun play and cuddle session with my dog, Louis. He is so affectionate, he just makes my day.
  15. Streamlined my beauty travel bag using the whimsical multipurpose range from Auolive. Since National Day is round the corner, I feel extra patriotic to be using a home grown brand that is made in Singapore! Fantastic for women with a time-strapped lifestyle, the capsule collection is made up of 4 Swiss-formulated skincare products. Besides cleansing, you will only need 1 skincare step with Day Glower for optimal care and protection for the day, and 1 application of Night Booster for deep nourishment and treatment before bedtime. Eyes Lifter is the signature must-have for the extra care to fight ageing signs around our eyes. Since the Radiance Revealer is only used once a week, I don’t bring it along for my travels.
  16. Good skincare should not be a hassle. Declutter your dressing table now. With Auolive, you can now use the time saved for the other important things in your life.

    You can grab your FREE Auolive Skincare Day Glower & Night Booster Try-Me Kit here.

    As a special promotion for Renzze readers, Auolive is giving a $20 discount off any purchase on their e-store if you use the promo code Auolive20KAN

    Thanks for reading and have a good week!


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