Climbing Mt Batur Again – Part 2

As promised here’s the sunrise photos.

Spectacular. Photos don’t do it justice and especially not with my tiny compact camera. Nature and beauty is all around us but we rarely take the time to appreciate it. Sometimes it’s weird how we need to take a plane and climb a mountain before we give the world some time to show us its wonders.

I took a longer detour to get down the volcano. A walk around the ridges of the summit before heading down on the other side. It’s quite scary when you think of it cause the pathway is really tiny, just enough to put one leg in front of the other and if you trip and fall… down the volcano you roll. Luckily I have no fear of heights!

The view around was gorgeous! It was also much easier to take photos now that there’s sunlight! It’s really bright even though it’s still early morning. And once the sun is up, it’s not so cold anymore.

My guide did a great job…. I would have been at tortoise speed going down without him cause the rocks were loose and I was afraid I’ll slip.

Finally we were down the volcano into the farmlands!

I had taken off my sweater sometime on the downhill path!

Here’s a huge spider we passed on the way down!

Here’s the video!


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