Christ Church, Malacca

I started off blogging about my trip with mum to Malacca to take her on a food trip but I never had the time to sort through the photos to continue posting so bear with me as parts of this trip continue to be shared in a rather inconsistant manner as I post whenever I get segments of photos sorted out.

If you have ever been to Malacca, you will know that the Christ Church and all the surrounding red buildings are absolutely impossible to miss! Situated in the heart of the malacca town, these buildings are part of the listed UNESCO heritage sites.

The church built in 1741 was actually originally painted in white and only in 1911 did all the buildings in the dutch square get a red coat of paint. The color was so distintive that it remains till today, the hallmark of Malacca’s Dutch era buildings.

Inside the Christ Church you’ll find hand crafted pews that are at least 200 years old! The ceiling beam of the church was made from one single wooden tree truck and has no joints in it! Look out also for a brass bible and the inscriptions on the tombstones.

The area generally makes for a good photo spot and it explains the dozens of photos mum and I took as well as the countless of tourists in that area. Another building to note in the Dutch Square is the Stadhuys. It was built in 1650 and is the oldest remaining Dutch building in Asia and is now the home of Malacca’s Museum of History and Ethnography.

Next we decided to leave my park car and headed for a short stroll by the Malacca River! Before long, the sun had set and we needed to get a quick meal before heading back to our hotel.



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