Changi Village Nasi Lemak

Had some time and managed to reply emails and comments =)

I haven’t had a good local meal in a month and looking at these Changi Nasi Lemak pictures I took some time back really makes me salivate! The famous stall is the corner one with the longest queue but I’m usually impatient and would just buy nasi lemak from any of the 4-5 stores selling there. To be honest, I think that they are all relatively in the same standard so unless you have time to kill… there is no point queuing at the longest queue.

Here are is a quick outfit shot.

A simple and comfy grey cotton dress.

PS- I’m letting this grey dress (without belt) go for $14 inclusive of normal mail. Fits S girls. Leave me a comment or email me at if interested and I’ll get back to you. Maybe not immediately as I’m still on the go but I will check and reply my mails soon!


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