Celeste farewell dinner

Celeste and Xaiver were migrating to Finland as Celeste had found her Mr. Right and was going to settle there for good. I hosted Celeste’s farewell dinner at my place with a simple fare of home cooked dinner. Although it was Celeste’s farewell dinner, little baby Andre with his Japanese costume, stole the limelight (as babies and puppies always do ) for the evening.

To Celeste, I wish you all the best and I’m happy that you finally found your happiness. Thank you for your postcard from Turku, Finland. It was a really sweet gesture.

To Xaiver, I know you had fun playing all night long at my place. But I’m sure you’re having even more fun in Finland with a million new experiences waiting for you. Study hard and be a good boy.

I’ll end this post with a really cute picture of Andre.


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