Cable-Ski in Batam

I spent a lot of my time in Batam doing nothing. Lol… just lazing around, enjoying the sun and chatting with friends. But sometimes a holiday like that is exactly what I need to rejuvenize myself.

There is a cable ski area just opposite from Harris Resort. And Clara, being an avid wake-boarder with lots of buzzing energy just had to go try it out!

Unfortunately it seems that the skills and muscle memory required to wake board well is in total conflict with the skills and muscle memory required to cable ski. I guess if you’ve never wake-boarded before, you’ll find cable ski easier but if you are a wake-boarder, then wake board becomes much easier than launching yourself with a cable.

While Clara worked her butt off… I was contented to laze by the side, enjoying the cool water and watching cable skiers fly by. I would have love to join her cable skiing but I was just not in the right frame of mind to exert myself so much that day.

The video shows what went down at the cable-ski park!

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