Bugs Bunny Is Back!

A good friend Bunny (Benny) came back from Australia after completing his studies… so there was the usual gathering and meet up. We took a trip to Sentosa with Louis cause I just can’t leave my poor baby home while I go out.

Pictures of me and Louis at sentosa… after we Louis got in the water… no one remembered about the camera so not much pictures.

We also had a couple of drinks by the Esplanade… well at least they did… I had mango juice with nata de coco…. lol… I am alcohol intolerant… just a few sips and my face will look like a beetroot. But I got a little better through the years… when I was much younger I could turn red downing alcoholic ice-cream! But I haven’t gotten really drunk and vomited yet… I get too sleepy and head to bed long before I drink enough to throw up.

Feels a little like how I used to hang out with my buds on weekends when I was still in school. How fast those days past… Now everyone has commitments and constraints… it’s hard even to find time to meet up but I think that makes it even more important that we always try to make some time for friends.

Haven’t seen them at all for the past year and the first thing I note is that they haven’t changed a wee bit! Kevin is just as lame as before and he hasn’t even changed his hairstyle or they type of outfit he wears! And Bunny is just Bunny!

Pictures of the guys at Esplanade… I always thought gals were more camera friendly but it seems these 3 really enjoy posing!


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