Brunch at Choupinette with Audrey

I think I mentioned several times on my blog that I love Sunday brunch. This time I met Audrey at Choupinette for some superb eggs benedict on a gorgeous Sunday morning. I really love the eggs benedict here and have come here quite a few times for breakfast or brunch. I’ve yet to try out their dinner menu though.

The meet up session with Audrey was much needed! It’s pretty much my fault that I’m usually so busy or not around that I don’t meet her up as much as I should! I’m so happy to know that’s she’s settled well in her new job and she got engaged!!! How terribly exciting news to be discussing over brunch!

And her HTB is also embarking on a spanking new career path! I sincerely wish them the best and I’m happy for them both! Every time I write a blog post of my meetups with Audrey, I always tell myself I gotta find more time to meet her and then some how life happens 🙁 But I’ll try cause I love my goddaughter and seeing how she went from school to graduation to work to being engaged makes me very proud of her achievements. It also helps that she’s one of the sweetest people I know.

I tend to dress a little more girly over the weekends cause I wear office wear from Monday to Friday and I want weekends to be vastly different. Here’s my outfit shot.


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