Breakfast @ the Airport

Lunar 8th month… time of weddings and baby showers and house warming parties to attend. I guess I’m really getting pretty old if all my peers are starting to carry little tots like handbags.

With the F1 race coming up… I guess the roads are gonna be so jammed! Wonder if Singaporeans would end up loving the F1 race cause it’s a national pride or hating it for all the inconveniences that it’ll cause to the locals to enhance the experience for the tourists. Either way I won’t be around to soak up the heat of the race… I’m running from the crowds to somewhere more relaxing.

Sometime back I had to go to the airport to pick up family at 7am. Would have been bored to death waiting if Lerelyn wasn’t so sweet to volunteer to have breakfast and wait with me. I threw on whatever I could find that morning… which turns out to be skinny jeans… MNG top and F21 jacket.


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