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My sis came over today cause she broke up with her bf and needed her big sister to give her some moral support =) To help ease her heartache… I did a facial with her using the new face steamer I got from Watsons… pretty good and cheap too!

My sis was telling me I should charge others for my facial services and moonlight… but I’m too lazy to do my own face regularly how to have time to do for others? Besides… the outlay of the stuff I use almost certainly will cost more then what I charge… lol..

Anyways she complained that I’m a lazy blogger with very little pictures (she can be one ‘lor sor’ nagging queen!)… so I decided to do something about it. Its not that I have nothing to write… on the contrary… I have too many thoughts to note that causes my procrastination. I just want this to be a nice little retreat that my close friends can come to see that I’m still alive and for me to highlight some of the most uneventful events that make up my complex life… rather then to have an open diary that would have constant inputs everyday…

But for my dear friends maybe a lil’ more effort would be put in yah?


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  1. Janice_Shermaine
    September 28, 2006 / 5:24 pm

    Hey Thanks for being there for me when I was feeling down with my BF. But just to let u know we are fine & happy than ever. He has change alot. Good luck with your blog. Hugs

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