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I recently learnt more about IPL for the skin and I’m really amazed at the effectiveness and would like to share that with you in this post. I’m not talking about the IPL for hair removal but the IPL used for skin rejuvenation.

Most people would have heard of microdermabrasion treatments such as Diamond Peel and Crystal peel where they re-surface the outer layer of your skin to give you a smoother feel. While IPL is even better! IPL uses a sophisticate technology (Xenon flash lamp and optical prisms or filters) to instantly vaporize damaged cells placed deeper in the skin harming neither the surrounding tissue nor the top skin layer. The main difference between the two is the depth of the resurfacing. Intense Pulse Light can penetrate the skin at various depths while microderm can only work on its surface. It’s fast and there is no pain at all! Just look at the photos to see the sort of effects you can expect!

Amazed yet? Well, Porcelain The Face Spa uses Black Magic gel ( The Photo Reborn Gel / Plasma Magic Gel)  instead of the usual cooling gel for IPL which enhances the IPL effectiveness. This Black Magic gel contains titanium oxide and carbon in charcoal is specially brought in from Korea which is known for their advance technology in skincare treatments.  Here are some of the additional benefits of Black Magic.

– The powder of harmless titanium oxide in gel makes plasma light irradiate

-Heat caused by continuous light catalysis and active oxygen which is effective on sterilization reduce inflammation.

-Carbon in natural charcoal and papaya extract makes effective peel possible and the skin soft and clear

-Portulaca Oleracea and  paradisi (Grapefruit) extract are good for reducing and  relievinginflammations

-Aloe barbadensis leaf extract and hyaluronic acid are effective for moisturization

-Titanium oxide does not only kill bacteria cells, but also decompose the cell itself. It has been found more effective than any other antibacterial agent

-The ability of titanium oxide to absorb UV light energy can provide significant improvement in the weatherability and durability of polymer products.

And if you are interested in this treatment, participate in Porcelain’s Black Magic Contest and you might just win yourself the grand price.

How It Works:

1. Bloggers are to read about Black Magic on our blog

2. Blog about Black Magic and how it is different from other IPL treatments.

3. Post your blog post link on Porcelain’s Facebook Fan Page.

4. Get your friends to “like” Porcelain, The Face Spa and your post on Facebook.

5. At the end of the contest, the posts with the most “likes” wins!

Note that by participating in the contest, bloggers will be entitled to a Complimentary RevitalEye Luxx worth $85 and an exclusive price for a Black Magic trial at $108 (U.P $480)! So you’re already a winner!

The grand prize is worth $1058 !

1. 1 x Black Magic Session worth $480

2. 1 x Quintessential Facial worth $380

3. 1 x Soothe, Aloe Recovery Gel worth $98

4. 1 x $50 Gift Certificate off Products worth $50

5. 1 x $50 Gift Certificate off Services worth $50

Contest Rules :

1. Blog post on black magic is to be one of the top 3 posts on blog’s main page throughout contest period

2. When bloggers post on our Facebook, they are to edit their privacy settings and change the wall post visibility to “Everyone” to ensure all contestants and the Porcelain . Management can see their wall post and the number of likes.


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