Beauty Is Fleeting

When I was in KL jogging one morning at the nearby park at Kepong, I spotted the exceptionally beautiful girl in her early 20s. Even without makeup and sweat beads down her face she was gorgeous.

She had the model height with slim frame and perfectly sculptured features. I obviously wasn’t the only one that spotted her. Nearly every warm blooded male in that park had their eye balls locked on to her.

I happened to be jogging behind her for a good 15 mins or so when her bf came finding her with home made breakfast on his arms. This was at 7am and he worshiped the ground she walked on. While I felt it was all so sweet… I couldn’t deny that I was envious.

Envious of her god gifted beauty and envious of her doting bf.

When I got back to Singapore, one of my dearest gal friends (S*) called me and I related this story to her. She in turn told me of the many stories of beautiful women and their many perks at her work place.

Does beauty give you that much of an advantage?

I would consider S* and myself to be pretty average. We are not model material but do have some brains and look pleasing enough when we do make an effort to doll up. So why don’t we get the same advantages as these gorgeous gals do and at work we aren’t given an easier time off in comparison. Are our other qualities less important? I’m not against beautiful looking gals but it made me think how unfair the whole system is until a quote on my calender gave me a spike of optimism.

” Beauty Is Fleeting”

So yeah… sure life is easier when you are beautiful…. but the qualities we acquire each day from not having all these advantages will give us an edge when we age. So I guess like most gals I’ll just have to wait it out till I’m about 40 before the field gets even out.

Of course that’s not counting that these gorgeous girls would most likely be tai tais with excess to spend on botox.


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