Beauty Buffet

One of the fun things I get to do as Watsons ambassador is that I get to try out new beauty products whenever they carry a new line in their stores. It’s like having a surprise every now and then! I brought Beauty Buffet masks along with me during my trip to UK to test them out.

Actually I didn’t expect much from the masks as there are so many competing masks from Taiwan these days. But at a very affordable price of SGD7.90 for 5 masks, these were actually pretty decent ( no wonder it’s ranked top 5 in Taiwan)! With 4 different types to target different needs, it was a mask buffet that I gladly shared around with my friends.

Pop one into the fridge and you have a gorgeously refreshing and soothing mask to end your day with. I love having a cold mask on after a long tiring day of sightseeing. Having so much choices made me really spoiled!

Another trick is to bring a mask along when you go for your body massages cause you can ask the therapist to pop one over your face after they flip you instead of putting a towel to cover your eyes. Your face can absorb all the goodness of the mask while you enjoy your massage! Perfect indulgence and a time saver too!

If you party hard during your holiday or wear makeup, you can use the Charcoal and Cypress mask to purify your pores after an intense night of clubbing. The whole series is light to carry and I love that’s the masks are just moist enough to stick on your face without being dripping wet.


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