Beach Run at ECP

Took Louis and Emmie for them to run in East Coast Park. They love running with the sun on their backs and their paws on the sand!

Since I was on leave, the weekday beach without the crowds were perfect for them.

Singapore is not know for their beaches but sometimes, just sometimes when the sky is perfect, the beach still looks very inviting. It reminds me so much of the lovely beach holidays I’ve been on.

Although it was an afternoon of doing nothing much on the beach except enjoying the beautiful day, time passed rather quickly.

And before Louis had time to fully exhaust his energies, the sun was setting and it was time to head home.

On the walk back to the car, we found the unusual tree with low branches that was really easy to climb and with a little bit of encouragement, Louis and Emmie started to explore the tree!

Who says dogs don’t climb trees? LOL

Louis was really adventurous and keep exploring higher and higher so I had to carry him down before he falls and hurt himself. I think my dogs have no idea what danger is cause they’ve had such a sheltered life.


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