Batam Activities

One of the activities I really enjoyed doing was the flying fox! They take you the top of the main hotel building and you glide down the ropes over the pool! The only part that was scary was the point where you had to take that leap of faith and jump off the building. Watch the video at the end of the post for the full effect!

Water sports kept us busily entertained as well! So much so that we didn’t have time to redeem our free bowling game! The water was clean and the service stuff friendly. There’s even a monkey at the cafe near by.

The banana boat was fun! We all fell into the water no matter how hard we held on! Initially we told the boat driver that we didn’t wanna fall into the water but after seeing how much fun we were having, he threw us overboard anyways! And since we all were wet already, it only made sense to want to throw each other off the banana boat! Poor Clara got forcefully thrown off by Gio and had to swim back to the pier!

The only gripe about Harris Resort is that they have no beach! Or rather what I can consider a decent beach. So if you’re intending to picnic by the beach they don’t brother. But if you want to go Batam to head down to the city and enjoy all the water sports and other activites, then Harris is a pretty good place.

I think the video would show more than I could ever describe  so here’s another short clip.


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