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Hey all, I’ve changed my banner again to be more in tune with what I’ll be blogging. For those who missed out on my last transformers banner which I had up for only 3 days, click here to view.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who are sadden by Michael Jackson’s death yesterday.  I’m an 80s child and Michael Jackson’s CD was one of the first few CDs my family owned. I was amazed by the quality of CDs over cassette tapes and would play MJ’s music over and over again while I gyrated to the music.

Quoting Anita Kapoor:

” … you taught us to tell people to Beat It,
that life was a Thriller,
to look at the Man in the Mirror,
that it don’t matter if you’re Black or White,
that once in a while you gotta be Bad,
but You Are Not Alone,
that it’s Human Nature to Wanna Be Starting Somethin’,
and right now,
we all wish we could have Rocked With You,
just one more time.”


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