Baby Kate's 1st Month

I remember rushing straight from the airport to the party but the sweet little face made everything worth it!

Kate is the first child of Chris and Jessie and I’m really happy for them! She’s so adorable and isn’t afraid of loud noises or strangers! A balloon popped just next to her and even I jumped but Kate didn’t cry!

The celebration was filled with really yummy good food, gorgeous company and a wonderful sunny weather. We sat by the pool catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

I had fun watching Kate’s multitude of expression! She is one lucky girl with everyone throwing their love and attention to her.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with baby’s 1st month parties, well, it’s basically equivalent to a baby shower but the Chinese culture dictates that it’s celebrated 1 month after the child is born and not before. It is also know as a red egg party because red eggs are given to guests as a symbol of luck and long life.

See how perfect the 3 of them look? A sweet little family! I’m sooooo happy for them. Congratulations to Chris and Jessie for having little Kate as a joyful addition to their lives.

I’ll end this post with outfit shots of what I wore that day.


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