Audrey's Rabbilicious Birthday 2011

Before I begin my post on Audrey’s birthday Celebration, I want to do a shout out that I posted a video as my 2nd post on Watsons Live Beautifully Campaign. I have received feedback from some of my readers lamenting that they don’t have fb accounts (really??) or forgot their passwords. Well, I will be posting up my Watsons entries here on my blog as well but only after my final post on the creation of my tote bag so if you want the latest news, head over here to view!

Now back to Audrey’s birthday party celebrations. This happened somewhere in February and I didn’t realized that I haven’t posted up the photos till Audrey asked me for her birthday photos recently!

As you can tell, the whole birthday surrounds a rabbit theme because it’s the lunar rabbit year and Audrey is also born on the year of the rabbit! I wore a pale pink dress with lovely rabbit ears which I borrowed from Regina.

It was nice meeting up some old church friends whom I haven’t really met since I moved about 7 years ago! Audrey’s parents are awesome chefs and they whipped up a whole table of peranakan delicacies! From babi ponteh to chap chai, every dish had that home cooked goodness. The sambal was fantastic and I learnt a lot about the ayam buah keluak from Uncle Ng as he shares with me how to prepare the highly poisonous nut before it’s ready to be cooked and consumed.

And I definitely had my fill of kuey pie tee! It’s absolutely one of my favorite foods and Audrey’s family so very thoughtfully prepared a separate seafood free version for me. How could I resist! LOL… The chocolate birthday cake with the cute rabbit chocolate was also really yummy.

I’m sure everyone had fun at Audrey’s party and I would have loved to stay even longer to play games but I had to go meet up Clara, Sebby, Xing, Brenda and Rapheal for a late night karaoke session.



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