April 2008

April 2008 is up in What is Renzze Wearing Today.

Favorites in April 2008

I wanted to try white leggings cause a friend said she had no idea how to pair it and that it makes the legs look fatter. But I think it’s actually a very nice prim look.


Bridesmaid again. =) I love how it’s a much colorful theme then the conventional white or pastel colors you see locally.

This piece is my first item of clothing that I sold on my own store at wuchacha.com so it holds a special significance for me.

Navy and red theme… love that cherry hair clip.

Hair up or hair down with this blue VS tube dress?

Another piece from wuchacha.com

Yet another piece from my online store. I realized that I wore quite a lot of WuChaCha’s clothes that month.

At Vivocity grabbing a few merchandise.

I re-worked the checkered dress by layering a shirt under for a more corporate friendly approach.

Bright green on black is so outstanding!

The Fedora completes the look.

My puff sleeves and big bag!

Ready to picnic!

Lace top with jeans… easy and comfy.

Attended DeeDee’s wedding dinner.

Casual me. I really like the cut of the top.

Very lux dress both in terms of fabric and color.

Attended Celeste babe’s poolside birthday party. I paired a monokini with VS white tube dress and a gold belt to hold it all together.

Comfy Charlotte Russo lounge wear for home wear.

To the beach for dinner with friends.

Red Red me to visit my grandparents for dinner. Grandma is always happy to see me dress in bright colors!


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